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Masculinities in development and practice: forestry, conservation and rural development
Join Carol Colfer and other speakers in this conversation as they help us understand how notions of masculinities and feminities have framed how women and men engage in forest activities not only in communities but also in development and practice in careers around forestry, rural development and conservation (Fortmann and Rocheleau, 1985; Joshi et al., 2021). These notions frame not only how we manage forests but also how we approach certain issues around men’s domains.

Speakers, from grassroots, development and research perspectives, will engage in a conversation around how we can “question the notions of masculinities that influence our analysis of gender inequalities across key sectors. “ This approach could inform other interventions with the broader goal of better outcomes in gender agricultural research for development AR4D. In an era of fluid economic and political changes, a raging COVID-19 pandemic together with changes to climate all impacting men and women differently, this conversation appears timely. Practitioners, researchers and policymakers who are concerned with using evidence to inform gender-inclusive programs and policies would also find this dialogue enlightening.

Mar 4, 2021 03:00 PM in Nairobi

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